FOCUS: First the snow, now the thaw

Enjoying the view. Photo by Islandscape Landscaping via WestOf.

Staff reports  |  With most people across the Lowcountry homebound because of the Great Charleston Snow of 2018, we solicited photos via Facebook from people around the area and were flabbergasted to receive more than 60 photos from 40 people.

What’s amazing in looking through these photos is how you can see the storm and its impact through lots of different eyes.  You can find your favorite by going through the links above.  In addition to the photo above, here are five of our favorites:

Beautiful oak tree at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Photo by Mary Ann Johnson.

Photo by Chuck Boyd, Hanahan.

“Miriam,” by photographer Trey Hopkins. More: Used with permission.

Dacota loved rolling in the snow on Edisto Beach on Thursday. Photo by Conchi Griffin Catlett Geiner.

The best Charleston snow sculpture we saw. Photo from downtown Charleston by Mary Molony Bunch.

With temperatures expected to rise into the 50s today, the snow (and ice!) thankfully won’t be around much longer, much to the relief of Southerners who are finally understanding why Northerners move down here – to get away from this mess!


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