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Submission guidelines

Below are some suggested guidelines for submitting to our various sections:

Today's Focus is the lead article in every issue of It is a thought-provoking piece about an issue impacting Charleston-area residents and can include anything from commentary on a local political issue or a policy proposal to a fun look at a Charleston festival or tradition.

  • LENGTH: 500 - 600 words. Please ensure you have a brief biographical note (one or two sentences only) at the end of your article.
  • PHOTO: Please submit a head shot photograph in .jpg, .pdf or .tif format to accompany your article.
  • SUBMIT TO: Please submit a Word or .txt document by email to editor Marsha Guerard .
Favorite magazines's publisher Andy Brack recommends the following five magazines:

The List is a fun "top five" list submitted by readers of their interests, hobbies or something readers will find interesting. A local musician, for example, might send in his five favorite classical music symphonies, while a painter might submit a list of five upcoming local artists.

  • LENGTH: No more than five brief items.
  • SUBMIT TO: Please submit a Word or .txt document by
    email to editor Marsha Guerard.

We encourage readers to submit reviews of local performances, restaurants, interesting books and anything else you want to share with your Charleston neighbors.

  • LENGTH: Up to 150 words.
  • LINK: Please be sure to provide a Web link if one is available.
  • SUBMIT TO: Please submit a Word or .txt document by email to editor Marsha Guerard.

We're always looking for interesting photos of things happening in the Charleston community. If you've got a compelling photo to share about something going on, please send it to editor Marsha Guerard. We suggest that photos be at least 500 pixels wide.

If you have any questions about what we'll accept or whether something you have will work for, just drop us an email or give us a shout.

"Charleston Currents is a breath of fresh air in a town thirsty for good news coverage. The site includes a rundown of great local events and presents the best of Charleston’s creative thinking and new ideas."

-- Editor Marsha Guerard, Mount Pleasant

" fills an important niche in the community by enriching readers' lives and helping them to keep ahead of what's going on in this diverse, generous community."

-- Editor Ann Thrash of Mount Pleasant


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